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Make Your Wedding Unique

By the time you and your fiance have made the decision to get married, you’ve probably attended multiple weddings of friends and family. Each bride wants her wedding to be unforgettable, unique, and one of a kind. Many brides search the internet and also borrow ideas from their favorite weddings to incorporate into their own…. Read more »

The Getaway Car

After making what seems to be a million decisions on location, food, colors, etc., one detail that couples often overlooked is the getaway car. You may have selected sparklers, bubbles, flower petals, glow sticks, or kazoos for your grand exit, but have you thought about how you and your new spouse are getting to the… Read more »

One Last Party before the Big Day

With a wedding comes numerous celebrations and parties along the way, and one of our favorites is a bridesmaids luncheon. This is usually hosted by the bride and her mother as a thank you to those special ladies in her life. A bride invites her bridesmaids, the flower girl and her mother, her mother, her… Read more »

The Cleanup Plan

There is no doubt weddings can be expensive, even small ones. For this reason, many brides today choose to do most, if not all, of the planning and preparation themselves. A bride can spend months pouring over Pinterest boards, magazines, and Google to pull together the perfect wedding; however, she needs to keep in mind… Read more »

Selecting the Shoes

After you have selected the perfect dress, it’s time to think about the shoes! You will probably be standing for long periods of time, so you want to make sure that you pick something comfortable or even have a second pair to change into later on. Before you make a purchase or select one of… Read more »

Tea for Two

In the midst of making all the decisions for your special day, carve out some time to spend with your mom and agree not to discuss any wedding plans. This is a big life change for you both, and it’s important to spend time together. Go out for tea, have a spa day, or go… Read more »

Writing Thank You Notes

Many brides approach the task of writing thank you notes with the same enthusiasm some people display for writing term papers. As a result, they procrastinate until the job seems insurmountable. A better approach is to write a couple of notes each day until the job is complete. While it’s acceptable to wait as long… Read more »

Throwing a Good Party

If you’re getting ready to celebrate a major milestone or just making up a reason to party, follow these tips to have an excellent bash. Good Food – Whether you’re having a sit down meal or serving appetizers, give your guests a variety of options, so everyone can find something to eat. Fun Music –… Read more »