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7 Ideas for Using Your Engagement Photos

After selecting the right outfits, props, and location, you’ve walked away from your engagement shoot with beautiful photos, but you’re not sure what to do with them. We’ve come up with some ideas for how to put those very special pics to good use.Camera Equipment

  1. Save-the-Date Cards – If you’re going to have an engagement longer than 6 months, you might want to send out Save-the-Date cards to your close friends and family, so they can make preparations to come to your wedding. Creating these cards with your engagement pictures is easy to do on numerous printing websites.
  2. Thank You Cards – As the gifts come in, you’ll need to write a lot of thank you notes, so why not customized them with your engagement pictures?
  3. Decorations – You can print off your pictures, frame them, and use them as part of your centerpieces. You can even decorate a wall by clipping your pictures to some ribbon or twine and hanging them down from the ceiling or across the wall.
  4. Guest Book – This allows you several options. You can create a photo album that your guests can sign, create post cards with your pictures that your guests can leave notes on, or simply decorate the guest book table with your pictures.
  5. Wedding Website – Many couples today will create a wedding website where their guests can read about the proposal, find important information such as directions, recommended hotels and activities, and where the couple is registered. Go ahead and spruce up your site with your photos.
  6. Favors – You can use your photos as tags or labels for your guests’ favors.
  7. Christmas Ornament – Order Christmas ornaments featuring one or more of your favorite pictures and gift them to your parents and your fiancé’s parents. It’s a sweet gift that they will love and enjoy every year. One day, they may even be passed down to your kids.

With all the fun photo gifts out there, we’re sure you’ll find a great way to utilize your pictures. Whether you make t-shirts, blankets, pillows, or frame them on your wall, just don’t let them sit in a box or on a flash drive.

Written by Beth Godwin