Greenville, SC

Details to Give Your Bridesmaids

Taking Notes

After you have asked your bridesmaids to stand by your side on your wedding day, these ladies will most likely be very involved in helping you plan your wedding. They may throw showers for you, help you address envelopes, or be there for moral support. Once you have selected their dresses, there are a few more details you will need to tell them. Sending this information out early and in a format your bridesmaids frequently use (email, text, Facebook, etc.), will keep you from being bombarded with questions in the days leading up to your wedding as well as give your ladies the time they need to purchase anything they don’t already have.

Complete the Outfit: 6-8 Weeks Before Your Wedding

  • Are you all getting your hair and makeup done together? Are they doing that themselves before arriving? Or are you all doing your hair and makeup yourselves together?
  • What shoes do they need to wear?
  • What jewelry do they need to wear?
  • Do they need to wear a certain shade of eyeshadow or lipstick?

Day of Details: 2-3 Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

  • Where do they need to arrive first and what time do they need to be there?
  • Do they need to eat before they come or are you providing food?
  • Should they arrive dressed or bring their dress and changed into it at the location?
  • Should they wear their hair a specific style?
  • What time do they need to be completely ready for pictures?
  • Are you providing transportation to the ceremony location or are they responsible for getting themselves there?
  • Who is driving you?
  • Who is responsible for helping you bustle your dress if needed?
  • Who is in charge of holding onto the ring?
  • Who is responsible for getting your honeymoon luggage into the exit vehicle?
  • If you’re changing before you leave, who is responsible for taking home your wedding dress?
  • Will they need to take any of your things home such as the top layer of cake, presents, guestbook, or decorations?

Make sure you communicate clearly and timely with your bridesmaids about what is expected of them. These ladies love you and want to support you, but being in a wedding can get expensive. It’s important to be considerate of their time and of their wallets. Let your bridesmaids know how important they are to you and how much you appreciate them.

Written by Beth Godwin