Greenville, SC

Important Details Your Groomsmen Need to Know

Adjust the tie

Your best guys have said they’re in and will support you on the day you vow to be faithful and true to the love of your life. Before the big day, you need to make sure your groomsmen have all the information they need to look sharp and help make your wedding day go smoothly. Knowing expectations ahead of time will help them enjoy the day as well.

Complete the Outfit: 4-6 Weeks before Your Wedding Day

  • What shoes should they wear?
  • What color belt should they wear?
  • Are you supplying the tie or bowtie? Or do they need to bring their own?
  • Are they wearing cuff links? Pocket squares?
  • Do they need sunglasses or anything else for group pictures?

Day of Details: 2-3 Weeks before Your Wedding Day

  • Time & Place they need to arrive first:
  • Do they need to eat before they come or are you feeding them?
  • Are you doing an activity before you get ready such as golfing? Running a race? Going fishing? If so, make sure they know what clothes to wear and whether or not they should bring their wedding clothes or if there will be time for them to go back home and change.
  • What time do they need to be completely ready for pictures?
  • Are you providing transportation to the ceremony location or are they responsible for getting themselves there?
  • Who is driving the groom?
  • Who is responsible for holding onto the ring?
  • Who is responsible for putting the groom’s honeymoon luggage in the exit vehicle?
  • If the groom is renting his tux, who is responsible for returning it the next day?
  • Will they be responsible for seating guests before the ceremony?
  • Will they be responsible for seating any of your honored guests such as mothers or grandmothers?
  • Will they need to take any of your things home such as the top layer of cake, presents, guestbook, decorations?

Giving this information to your groomsmen will help them prepare and plan for your wedding day. It will also help reduce the stress of your bride who has been dreaming of and planning for this day for quite some time. These are a few items you can take off of her long to-do list.

written by Beth Godwin