Greenville, SC

Party Planning Basics Part II

Outdoor seatingNow that you have settled on a theme for your party, the time and place, as well as the guest list, you’ll need to decide what refreshments to offer. As mentioned earlier, the timing of the party will dictate the menu, whether you are serving snacks or a full meal. If you are preparing and serving the food yourself, choose a menu that allows you to make food items ahead of time, so you will be free to mingle with your guests. If you want to serve fresh food or items that need to be served hot, you may want to employ a caterer to oversee this aspect.

What will your guests do for entertainment? If the party is only for a short amount of time, conversation with one another may be enough. However, if the party will continue for several hours, you will need to plan for some form of amusement for your guests. This might be dancing, karaoke, speeches, slideshows, games, etc.

Finally, imagine yourself at the event, walking through all possible scenarios. For example, where will your guests park? As they arrive at the venue, is the space easily accessible to all who are invited? Do elderly guests have to maneuver stairs? Where will they leave their coats, purses, gifts, etc.? Can your guests mingle easily throughout the space? Are there ample seats and places to set drinks?

Going through this mental exercise from the beginning of the party until the end, will help ensure you have not forgotten anything and that your guests will have a memorable time.

Written by Jane Godwin