Greenville, SC

Thinking of Your Guests

GiftWhile your wedding day is your time to shine, it’s a good idea to consider the comfort and needs of your guests. They have come along with you on this journey to the altar, and it’s important that they have a good time as well.

Out of Town Guests:  If you have out of town guests coming, it’s a nice gesture to block a set rooms for them at a hotel near your venue. You can even create welcome bags with snacks, water, maps, and something representative of the area and leave them at the registration desk or place them into your guests’ rooms before they check in.

Transportation:  If you have guests who are staying at a hotel, you may want to hire a van service to transport them to and from the event.

Parking:  It’s always nice to have close parking, but if your venue has limited space, you might want to make special arrangements for your elderly guests or expectant mothers such as valet parking or reserved spaces.

Weather considerations:  While we all hope for good weather on wedding day, you need to be prepared for any situation. If your ceremony is being held outside, it’s wise to have a tent on reserve in case the forecast calls for rain. If you know the wedding day will be hot and sunny, it’s a good idea to provide shade or offer fans and water bottles. You can even customize them to reflect your theme.

Reception: While you and your bridal party are busy taking pictures, you might want to provide some entertainment for you guests such as a photo booth, music, or appetizers while they wait for your arrival. If you plan on spending more than 30 minutes taking pictures after your ceremony, you may want to let your guests go ahead and start eating.

Music: If you have live music or a DJ, it’s thoughtful to provide an area set apart from the noise where older guests or those with young children can gather to visit. If you know your guests’ taste in music, work with your DJ to play a little something for everyone.

Planning for the needs of others takes some extra time and consideration, but your guests will appreciate the efforts you made. They will remember your wedding as being one of the most enjoyable events they have attended.

Written by Jane Godwin